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The media has shown resistance and lack of concern towards our project.

This situation, instead of making us feel sad, it actually makes us happy because it means that we are really different. As Hector Lavoe once said; “lo nuestro va por lo de radio bemba” (meaning, we let people know us through word of mouth). We have never paid for an article that praises us; ever. That is how things work for us. But there are always exceptions, from two important international-tourism magazines to magazines for teens looking for alternative places to hang out. These are the articles:

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Estación8 is Huacho

At night, the commercial city of Huacho not only has tropical music to offer or just reggaeton. In Estacion8 we can find great music, video clips and delicacies such as chocolate cigarettes. The good vibes we get from our hosts Jorge Navarrete and Elena Castro is present in all the party rooms that offer this unclassified establishment.

A great house built in the beginnings of the 20th century has been refurbished to make all the rooms look with different themes. Guests can find from psychedelic to Huacho’s art, an innovating project in which culture is intrinsic.

Estacion8’s bar is one of the most assorted from the province of Huaura, it has created “El Embrujo Huachano”, a drink that has considered the guinda as its main ingredient, has always received lots of sincere praises. Navarrete offers his bewitch drink to everyone who comes to the bar for the first time and enjoy chatting with the host, a man whose love for rock history is passionate. Estacion8 is now part of Huacho’s spirit, a city full of liveliness and a good sense of humor. If you wish to know more, please visit

Huacho’s rock bar (#)

Estacion8 has become, without a doubt, a must-go place to everyone who enjoys good music, good drinking and a relaxing atmosphere to chat. Since it re-opened in 2003, it has offered that singular atmosphere which characterizes it, with a different perspective. From the moment you cross the doors you feel transported to another time, in which, sadly, most of us couldn’t live in, a time where there was true rock, free thinkers and you could say and feel whatever you wanted to. Estacion8 talks about all of that, trying to never lose that feeling.

It’s a different project from whatever point you look at it. It’s the only open window to the local rock bands around. Estacion8 has confirmed that it’s not necessary to follow pre-established rules to do things right, you just have to follow freedom’s spirit.


Huacho’s bewitch drink: Find out the magic behind the cocktail (#)

Huacho, the friendly city, is also traditionally known as land of sorcerers and witches, however, this “Embrujo Huachano” is a drink made with selected liquors, including the traditional Guinda of Huaura, this drink is finely mixed in the perfect proportion that allows us to feel like we are in the middle of a tasty sweet spell. Estacion8’s bar administrator, Jorge Navarrete kindly welcomes us. It’s an antique house which was build in the middle of the 20th century –he tells us- its architecture includes a couple of pieces which use to belong to Huacho’s old train rails. He also tells us that the business has been working for eight years now in the second floor of the house.

It is all decorated with rock as the main theme and a nice touch of retro. There are nine rooms to accommodate our guests. But what really brought us here this time is to ask Jorge about the cocktail that’s named “Embrujo Huachano”, which is his very own creation and has become the bar’s signature drink. He tells us that in the first stage of Estacion8 (1997) they offered a great variety of selected drinks, including the Guinda of Huaura, though it didn’t attract many clients because it was considered a strong beverage or too sweet to drink. And that’s why, with the purpose of making the public drink more of this liquor, this beverage was created. The result: An exquisite cocktail. Navarrete tells us that he gave the name “Embrujo” from a friend’s request and from that moment on is the delight of clients, especially between foreigners and local people that live in Lima now.

The recipe: Using a pear shape glass, we add some ice cubes, an ounce of pisco, orange juice (4 ounces approximately) till the glass is almost full and finally 2 ounces of guinda liquor, trying not to mix everything too much. Finally, we decorate our glass with a half moon orange and we put a guinda to end with the decoration.

  • -10 soles is the price of this cocktail in the drink menu
  • -There are a thousand of cigar’s packets decorating the walls of the bar.

In (LAN Perú)

On our way to Trujillo, we came across this bar in the city of Huacho (two hours north of Lima city). It’s a cozy establishment with different areas filled with art, a great drink menu with many choices, cigars and European beer, lots of rock and roll from the 50’s and up, and a spectacular video clip collection.

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