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Estacion8 has the pleasure to put within reach of you, some of the most important records of the Peruvian rock from the 60 and 70, this records would built the bases for new generations of musicians. These records are today very valued in the entire world to be the only ones officially published with all the licenses and respecting the authenticity of the art of the long plays actually. These cds of the Peruvian label Repsychled Records can be revised and listened here in our bar with total comfort, contrary to those that are sold in the records stores that come sealed . we offer them in half price that are in Lima. Let us enjoy these essential records in any rock collection. LOS SAICOS
Crudeness and dirtiness was recorded 42 years ago in Peru. Edwin Flores in voice and rhythmic guitar, Rolando Carpio playing the lead guitar, Cesar Castrillón performing the guitar bass and Pancho Guevara in drums formed a band that got ahead to its time, not only in our country, but in the world. They are considered as pioneers of the garage rock and (without wanting it) also of punk. Just key their name in any internet searcher and yiou can check thousands pages that talk about this myth, that has gone growing rollingly with the time: The Saicos.
As you can see in the following pictures this cd have a deluxe edition, like a single record of 45 rpm and with many pictures and comments of that time. It is important to emphasize that this is the only official edition that contains all the songs (and lyrics) that The Saicos recorded between 1965 and 1966.

By the way of Let it be Naked of The Beatles (Let it be naked ), this record of Laghonia gathers a series of sessions between 1967 and 1970 during the recording of its famous record: Glue. Saúl Cornejo - voice, rhythmic guitar, lead guitar, Eddy Zarauz - bass guitar, Carlos Salom - piano, hammond organ, choirs. Manuel Cornejo -drums , Alex Abbot - rhythmic guitar, tambourine, choirs, screams, Dave Levene - lead guitar, choirs, show us the process of recording of this psychedelic Peruvian band from 60, what turn this record into a true jewel. Never view pictures are also included enriching, even more, this cd that is presented like a long play.
After the separation of the seminal Shain`s, the guitar player Pico Ego-Aguirre forms the New Shain`s. This production contains the songs that were recorded in single records of 45 rpm between 1969 and 1970. Enrique "Pico" Ego Aguirre: guitar and keyboards, Jesus Kruger: rhythmic guitar and choirs, Louie Gay: under and choirs, José Clarke: drums, Karl Seibt: voices and percussion, Celso Sotomarino: voices and tambourine, Miguel Angel Ruiz " Zulu ": keyboards, choirs and voices, Jorge Pomar : bass guitar and voices, Fernando Ego Aguirre: rhythmic guitar, Hernán Vega: voices and percussion, they demonstrate their evolution toward a ruder sound, interpreting their own song as well as others of Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, among other classics ones of that time.
This production recorded in 1969 was a pioneer in the history of the recordings in Perù. It was the first record that had double cover, and is considered one of the more elaborated and looked for pieces of the non Anglo-Saxon psicodelia . Traffic Sound is the band that had a more fertile life about discográfic works , besides having carried out a South American tour. This record contains one of the biggest successes in the history of the Peruvian rock: the far-reaching Meshkalina. A total generational hymn.
The members were: Manuel Sanguinetti: voice and percussions, Willy Barclay: electric guitar, acoustic guitar and voices, Freddy, Rizo- Patron : rhythmic guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and voices, Willy Thorne: bass guitar, keyboard, piano, rhythmic guitar and voices, Luis Nevares: drums, vibraphone, percussions and voices, Jean Pierre Magnet: saxophone, clarinet, flute, percussions and voices. This rerelease comes in two formats: like a long play that respects the original art and the cd of box of plastic, with having added in text and in picture that they are not included in the previous format. BOSSA 70
The saxophonist and jazz flute player Nilo Espinoza forms at the beginning of 1969 Bossa 70 what make a fusion of band bosanova and of jazz rock, recording with this a production that would install the patterns about the musical fusion . Their members were: Carmen Rosa Basurco - voices, Enrique Suescun - trumpet, trombone and voices, Otto de Rojas - piano and voices, Roberto Rafaeli bass guitar and voices, Tito Cruz - drums and percussion. In the recordings also performed Pico Ego-Aguirre : guitar, Manuel Marañon and Adolfo Monarivia : percussion. This recording work was done between 1969 and 1971 and this rerelease includes, besides the ten originally recorded songs, also songs of the mini lp that Bossa 70 would record later on.
This work of Traffic Sound is considered by someones as its best work. This includes another of their hits : Chicama Way. This rerelease respects the original art worked by Jean Pierre Magnet and Luis Nevares that stood out for its innovative triptych cover. It also includes the lirycs of this record songs , aditional information and beautiful pictures.
This record was the best seller in 1971, not only that year but in the history of the Peruvian rock because it includes the song Something Going that is a real classical theme of the rock in our country. Bo Ichikawa: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, xylophone, piano and voices, Alex Nathanson: bass guitar , acoustic guitar, clavichord, piano and voices, Walo Carrillo : drums , percussion, maracas, tambourine and voices, Chachi Lujan: acoustic guitar, bongos, congas, piano and voices formed one of the most successful groups in the modern Peruvian music. This rerelease contains posters, tickets for the concerts from those years and beautiful pictures never view. A song of that time never before published is available now.
First album of El Humo and pioneer including themesof hard rock . It recorded originally in 1970 by Gerardo Manuel Rojas: voices, percussion and rhythmic guitar, Enrique Pico Ego Aguirre: guitars and keyboard, Jorge " Coco " Pomar : fender bass guitar , acoustic bass guitar, and acoustic guitar, Freddy "Puro" Fuentes: drums and percussion, Claudio Fabbri : strings arrangements. It contains besides the own themes , songs of Grand Funk, Jimi Hendrix & the Mysterians, among others. The reelease has all the lirycs included in the long play and pictures of the time.They are also included songs that El Humo edited in singles.
It is the first South American band in recording a heavy metal record. This work of 1972 would be recorded in a recess that Telegraph Avenue had, because it included two members: Alex Nathanson the vocalist and the drumer Walo Carillo,both of them, with the Argentinean musicians Darìo Gianella and Guillermo Van Lacke (lead guitar and bass guitar respectively), would register an only one, explosive and sought-after record, that only contained own themes . Today rock collectors from all over the world pay lots of money to obtain the original long play of Tarkus. This elaborated rerelease has journalistic notes and a poster of the time, besides pictures and lirycs of the songs corrected personally by hand by the own members of the band.

It is the first time that a record is published with the entirety of songs that We All Together recorded for singles, and were not included in its two long plays. The booklet that accompanies this rerelease, explains the recording process detailedly, of each one of the songs that were worked by the band. Details about who was the composer, what instruments was used and other anecdotes that enrich this cd notably. Carlos Guerrero - voice, choirs, Saúl Cornejo - guitars, voice, choirs, Manuel Cornejo - drums, Ernesto Samamé bass guitar, Félix Varvarande - piano, synthesizer, formed one of the dearest and beloved bands in the Peruvian rock because of the beautiful melodies and harmonies that continue even now capturing more generations. This cd also shows the drawings and designs made by Manuel Cornejo in that time.
This is a summary of the bands and works that the members of We All Together made before,during and after the main band: Carlos Guerrero and Nilo Espinoza, Beto Villena and We all together, Monik, Ilicit, FE59, Cerro Verde and Smog. It includes, furthermore, two bonus tracks of umplugged versions of Monik and a song of Laghonìa in long version . All of this transform this cd in a true delight and rarity jewel , for those who collect Peruvian and Latin American rock. most of these songs are practically impossible of getting for other ways . Pictures, aditional information and drawings round off this extraordinary work.
Telegraph Ave. vol. 2
This the record of the famous cover of the letter that the Telegraph Avenue would record many years after its successful first long play. The record of 1974 also included Germán Cabieses in guitar and voices as a member of the group. The rerelease includes pictures, tickets and journalistic notes of the time ,besides a recorded song in 1972 but not published.
THE SHAIN'S (The singles)
As to supplement of the previous record released by Repsychled a month and half ago, now we have an exclusive for Estacion8, the compilation of all the records of 45 rpm published between 1966 and 1968 by the great Shain`s. Most of these songs were not included in its five long plays. This cd contains themes from the big classic groups of that period (generation): Shadows, Monkees, ? & The Mysterians,, Paul Revere &The Raiders, and others. But the biggest novelty in this great work is the inclusion of another video clip recorded in 1967 with unpublished images that reflect the Lima a go go that lived the splendor of the Peruvian rock and roll. Confirming what the old rockers always told us about The Shain`s: extraordinary in the scenario. But ¡gee! That was true. They look like each other any European or American group of rock.
So, you, huachano collector, must know it, you who bought their cd The Rhythm of The Shain`s and the other records that we have in sale in Estacion8 : This jewel of the Peruvian rock is essential in your collection. ROCK IN AREQUIPA
1969 - 1974

While in Lima of 60 and 70 sounded the musical notes of big groups of the Peruvian rock, the counties also had their own experiences. Among all, Arequipa highlighted. The White City has been for a long time a cultural and historical center and it could not be, of course, far from the new waves. Repsychled Records has published other magnificent work, recovering practically forgotten jewels of the Rock arequipeño. Rock in Arequipa 1969-1974 gathers four great mistianos groups: Ten themes of the famous group Los Texao that recorded songs with a mixture of psychedelic and Latin rock like La Pelea del Gobernador and Stone that were very diffused at national rate.
Four themes of Free Love System, with hippie touches and even in a progressive way as Correteando Añoranzas and Dejenme Continuar Four themes of Los Incognitos with a near softer sound to the new wave like Ya sera tarde and Siempre te Recordaré. One of the strong points of this cd is the rescue of the music of the band Madera Fresca, which never could recorded its themes officially, but now the live recording of a performance of this band of hard psychedelic rock has been rescued. This record comes accompanied by the history of the groups in Spanish and English, beautiful pictures, drawings, journalistic notes and clip of magazines. In summary this is another essential record for all the collectors of the pioneers of the Peruvian rock and all whole rock and roll. Now in our web we give you two gifts with two classics as a sample to enjoy loudest: “Stone” of Los Texao (1970) and Correteando Nostalgias of Free Love System (1974)

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