england beers

We have the great pleasure to bring to Huacho, for the connoisssseur beer drinkers in Estación8 the most important beers in the historical house brewer Greene King of England. Enjoy...

ipa ABBOT ALE (Alc. 5)
It is the badge mark of Greene King. It is elaborated following the traditional process but with a more lingering time of fermentation, achieving this way their distinctive taste. It has characters of mature fruit, delicious malt and balanced hop, followed by an intense and bittersweet final.
old OLD SPECKLED HEN (Alc. 5.2)
When you try it out, you will experience a delicious and warm flavour with a nice body . It is distinguished an exquisite malt flavor and toffee relish with a dry and a final fruited bouquet.

According to the European sizes we use pints. Therefore, all the English beers are presented in their own glasses of an a half of liter and three quarters of liter.

more information in www.greeneking.co.uk