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THE DVD Estacion8... in concert!

From 2003 Estacion8 had as main objective the diffusion of the rock - and other rhythms like jazz and trova - as alternative to the purely commercial musical mainstreams, those that reigned and today keep on making it Although it was few people that believed that this "aventura” would arrive even a year, mostly if our city is located in a port, with a logical tendency to the tropical music. Estación8 has already more than 8 years in this way far from all kind of pressure, which is our decision. This is the medullar reason of our freedom to make what we are come in desire about the music that we diffuse or the concerts we present. To reinforce this main aspect it is in fact that we have featured this DVD: Estación8 in concert...! that gathers a very small part of the dozens of concerts made in Estación8 along this time, the organized ones for the bar like for other enthusiastic lunatics.
Dozens of bands and soloists, hundreds of local musicians have made their debut in the scenario of Estación8 and the old ones have got their consolidation. But why some few ones are included in this documental work? For reasons that we also ignore not all the shows made in Estación8 were filmed. Is it a pity? Maybe But, recurrently, it has happened that some music’s big moments of the history was not shooted , but they have been in the memory and in the legend of the rock.It is clear that all the films and videos here collected are from different origins and sound quality, so we have tried to improve the image and the sound all that was possible The most important is that the gathered artists appear for the first time in a DVD compilation. Let us enjoy Estación8 in concert...!
jorge navarrete castro