Going up the stairs we find the bar that offers pisco, beer, cigarettes, cigars, incense, and candles.

In the first window room, there is an old Farfisa organ that reminds us that we are in the place to go for rock lovers.

Psicodelia with its cushions on the floors and its lights create thousands of unrepeatable figures, in a mind-boggling room for the youngsters especially.

The art room has a permanent exhibition of oil paintings that pick up Huachan life in the midst of the XX century. And it is the temporary exhibition room.

A second bar is located in the old tiled dining room. Today musical videos are offered and it has an old familiar Emerson juke box.

A small mezzanine is a place of reunion for those who seek for total privacy between “caritas” of the Chancay culture, masks from Cajamarca and many small plants.

The patio has numerous “san pedros”, plant known for its hallucinogenic properties. Here there are circular allusions to those who founded estacion8 and also about the art of Chancay. In this patio there are concerts, plays, Krishna reunions, conferences, etc. Our multimedia projector takes us into the videos and projected concerts. The room of mirrors is a private place that was opened in July of 2010. Its name is due to the old mirrors that decorate it. There is also works of the artist Jessica Nicho inspired by Chancay Culture. This little room is great for people who want an innermost conversation.