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The local people and visitors that come around Huacho find at Estacion8, together with the music a great variety of drinks that show the cultural riches of the evenings in Huacho

Pisco, international drinks, beer, whisky, hot drinks, wine, non alcoholic drinks are examples of the variety that Estacion8 offers its clients.

Pisco served in glasses such as: the great cross acholado, the ocucaje Italia or the quebranta tacama, all of them have received international prizes.

Drinks with Pisco: the classic pisco sour, is the Peruvian flag drink and it is also a classic at Estacion8. You can also find other classics such as chilcano and algarrobina.

House drinks: you can’t leave Huacho without trying the original recipe of embrujo Huachano, created by the house which has been ordered by the demanding drinkers and with the passage of time it has become the cocktail of the region. As a variation of pisco sour, we have created guinda sour with our flag liquor: the guinda of Huaura.

International drinks: the bar at Estacion8 is the only specialized one all over the region and therefore it is run by professional bar tenders. Logically you can’t miss the classic cocktail drinks as: martinis, margarita or daiquiri.

Whiskey Johnny Walker, chivas regal or Jack daniels, cigars, on the rocks or with water are always good.

Hot drinks: a classical ponche, a a hot cow rum or an Irish cow for cold nights.

Jars: the typical sangria, Peru libre or the classic clerigo in 1100, 1500, 1800 and 2200 Lt. jars

Beers: as the international Heineken or Corona and the Peruvian Cusqueña or Cristal. There are maltas, too. You can also enjoy green beer and our typical vikingos of 1200 Lt. in jars.

Non alcoholic drinks such as: la virgin colada, red bull, sodas and mineral water

Wines germans, argentines, chileans, americans and peruvians.