music and videos

Music truly identifies Estacion8 beforehand. This stamps its known personality. Our specialty is rock of all times, from the basic 50’s, the colorful 60’s the changing 70’s, the very known 80’s, to the modern rock of the 90’s and the 2000’s. Blues, rock & roll, country, folk, beat, garage, psicodelia, progressive, funk, disco, hard, heavy metal, reggae, punk, wave, electronic, pop, grunge, alternative, etc.

We also have jazz and latin jazz, poem and hard salsa.

A colection of thousands of songs in audio and video make Estacion8 the ideal and only place for the music lover and fan of good quality music.

A different issue is our eagerness to collect, investigate and make the pioneers of Peruvian rock of the 60’s and 70’s known. Proof of that is that we always include a Peruvian classic in the web site every week.