the posters

In 2012, when we turned nine years old, we did a fun exhibition in our Art Room. A big collage with all the posters we could find and put together. The following text is the one that summarized the exhibition which, until today, is still on the wall:


It was 2003 when we re-opened Estacion8, and we always knew that Art –in all of its forms- would be part of the bar. Throughout history, posters have always been considered a low-cost way of artistic expression and also a way to create awareness. From the beginning the bar was meant to communicate our events to the public through the use of posters (concerts, exhibitions, special rock dates that are to be commemorated, bar anniversaries, etc).This way of publicity, however, meant for Estacion8 a hard repression from local authorities of the province of Huaura, mainly between the years 2004 and 2010. This is the reason why our posters – clearly artistic in relation to others in the local streets- were particularly ripped off of the walls by the police and even violently off the hands of young women and ladies whose job was to glue them. In other words, Estacion8’s posters were “upsetting” the streets while the naked women’s, stripteases, pastry classes and the infamous “ATRASO MENSTRUAL” were all right on the city of Huacho’s walls!

Since, after a bad experience comes something good, we decided to create the bar’s website which is still running. Today, after 9 years it is the only “dot com” property of a night place from Huacho. Some of these posters were never seen in the streets (for example, the odd poster of our third year)

In this wall is easy to tell which posters were designed by Estacion8 compared to others done by crazy enthusiasts because the first ones don’t have publicity on them.

Photocopied or printed, in satin paper or just plain, black and white or colorful, big or small, of square or round shapes, these are Estacion8’s posters, greatly awaited by collectors.

This is our history, Estacion8’s history through posters, which also is –of course! - Huacho’s unofficial history too.